Arasna Fasteners

Our Technology

To ensure proper quality, we have the best equipment in the market to aid us. From Quality Control, Quality Testing and Quality Systems; our products go through a series of stringent quality tests before they are ready for dispatch to our customers.

1. Digital Vernier Calliper

2. Dial Vernier Calliper

3. Vernier Calliper

4. Digital Micrometer

5. Micrometer

6. Digital Plunger Indicator

7. Dial Torque Wrench

8. Thread Ring Gage

9. Thread Plug Gage

10. Height Gauge 

1. Rockwell Hardness Tester

2. Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

3. Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

4. Plating Thickness Tester

5. Salt Spray Chamber

6. Eddy Current Testing System

7. Optical Sorting Machines

8. Optical Emission Spectrometer